Brain Dump Show Opening

posted on
May 4th, 2012

Thanks to all for making the Brain Dump show such a success! The show opening was May 3rd at Design Commission in conjunction with the Seattle First Thursday Art Walk. 21 Artists were each given a white Pryme V2 Helmet as their canvas to customize. Patrons voted at the show on their favorite helmet using a web interface. Pryme will then produce a limited edition graphic package based upon the winning artist work.

Artists include Jared K. Nickerson, Jim Koch, Jesse LeDoux, Jeff “Weirdo” Jacobs, Jeanie Newby, Justin Hillgrove, Joanna Abbott-Moss, Steve Rocketkar, Evan Moss, Mark Bently, Ben Malay, Candace Catskin, Jay Dokken, Samantha Malay, Josh McCurdy, Matty Mitchell, Luz Bratcher, Darin Montgomery, Mike Capp, Saingbey Woodtor and Luke Dokken.

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